Ah, the legal page.  Where all legal problems are solved by simple declarations. 

Employer Declaration:

This blog -- -- and the content are mine and mine alone.

The views and opinions express here are mine and mine alone, they are not those of my employer.


I welcome you to challenge me.  I will always accept criticism on anything from content to punctuation.  However, I ask all comments be delivered in a respectful and fair tone.  I reserve the right to moderate comments on this blog that are spam, off-topic, profane, abusive, or otherwise ugly.  Put very simply, if you act like an ass in the comments section of this blog, your comments will be removed and you will be added to a banned list. 

If you publish a comment on this site, it is published on the internet.  It will be indexed by search engines and probably be preserved for eternity.    It is entirely possible that someone may take what you say out of context or use your statements, as found on this site, without your permission.  I'm not responsible for that.


Fair warning the privacy policy below is meant to be as transparent and direct as possible.  It is detailed yet written in plain language for everyone to understand with links provided for topics that are too complex to cover here.  It is a living document here on PrivacyWonk and will evolve.

This blogging software, MovableType, runs on the web and is delivered by a web server application (Apache).  For your computer to communicate with PrivacyWonk it traverses the internet.  The internet runs on top of a protocol called Transportation Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).  The Internet Protocol addressing (IP addresses) allow computers to talk to each other over networks.  Each computer has an IP address.

When your computer talks to the computer that runs privacywonk, you are sharing IP Address information simply in establishing the connection.  When your browser makes a request to the web server more information is shared including: your IP address, the page you requested, how you requested the page, if you came from a referring page, and what type of browser you are using.  Please see this page for Apache logs.  This information is stored in the web server log files. 

You will share more information if you chose to leave a comment.  The blog platform supports Open ID authentication which will allow you to sign in using one of the supported Open ID account platforms (e.g., google, yahoo).  You can also create an account here that will request that you submit a username, e-mail address, password, etc..  It is entirely up to you to provide real information but anything seeming entirely too suspicious will be deemed spam and sent to /dev/null (the trash can).

This privacy policy will evolve as I investigate the MovableType platform, OpenID, and various plugins.   

It will also evolve as I explore writing plain language, clear, and enforceable privacy policies.