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Dancing madly on the lip of a volcano

John Oliver spent 18 minutes discussing the latest iteration of the crypto wars sparked by the recent Apple v. FBI case. In his summation, he provided a fantastic metaphor for cybersecurity, "dancing madly on the lip of a volcano". I think this metaphor is especially pointed as we see a greater increase in regulatory intervention by bodies with very limited views or education into security. There is no global consensus on cyber security and the house is on fire as of late.  

Security researcher Matt Blaze (@mattblaze), who was featured in Oliver's piece, tweeted the following:

Verizon Supercookies

The Federal Communications Commission has settled its Verizon Wireless "supercookie" probe, resulting in better consumer controls and transparency between the provider and its customers. The FCC's investigation found that the company had inserted unique, undeletable identifiers into web traffic and used these to identify customers in order to deliver targeted ads from Verizon and other third parties. As a result of this settlement and the FCC investigation, Verizon Wireless is notifying consumers about its targeted advertising programs, will obtain customers' opt-in consent before sharing UIDH with third parties, and will obtain customers' opt-in or opt-out consent before sharing UIDH internally within the Verizon corporate family. The company will also pay a fine.