Akamai and Evidon Privacy Notice delivery

Content Delivery Network (CDN) giant Akamai and advertising-industry self-regulation platform provider Evidon (nee Better Advertising) have teemed up to provide more robust privacy notices to individuals. Akamai will provide the distribution network -- most likely using Edge Side Includes (ESI) (wikipedia, Akamai) -- for "Evidon's privacy and compliance services for the management of the Industry Self-Regulatory Program in the US, the European ePrivacy Directive, and its corollary self-regulatory effort for Online Behavioral Advertising."

I can't wait to see this in action and I hope Evidon pushes out in new directions for privacy notice/choice. I'd love to see Evidon build on Aza Raskin's privacy icon project. Evidon and its partners will reach a large audience and can use their bully pulpit to advance changes in the standard idea of notice and consent (choice). More granular control over opting-in/opting-out or programs? Something even more radical? This is a big technological step forward for providing smart notice/choice, why not try out more new ideas?

I would also like to see Evidon and its partners use this platform for testing new approaches to advertising, information collection, notice, and choice. For example:

Testing the impact of a truly opt-in model on ad impressions: "Would you like to see ads on this site?"
Testing the impact of opt-in information collection: "Advertising network XYZ would like to collect browsing habits: Yes/No."

We've only been able to speculate on the outcome of this type of granular control, perhaps Evidon could give us some proof.