Whitehouse Announces Sweeping Federal IT Reform.

This morning the White House is hosting a forum on information technology management reform hosted by federal chief performance officer and OMB deputy director for management Jeffrey Zients and U.S. chief information officer Vivek Kundra. The two will lay out the Obama administration's strategy to reboot how the federal government purchases and uses information technology.

Watch the stream, LIVE, at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/live.


The Whitehouse report can be found:


25 Points from Report.

  1. Complete detailed implementation plans to consolidate at least 800 data centers by 2015
  2. Create a government-wide marketplace for data center availability
  3. Shift to a "Cloud First" policy
  4. Stand-up contract vehicles for secure laaS solutions
  5. Stand-up contract vehicles for commodity services
  6. Develop a strategy for shared services
  7. Design a formal IT program management career path
  8. Scale IT program management career path government-wide
  9. Require integrated program teams
  10. Launch a best practices collaboration platform
  11. Launch technology fellows program
  12. Enable IT program manager mobility across government and industry
  13. Design and develop a cadre of specialized IT acquisition professionals
  14. Identify IT acquisitions best practices and adopt government-wide
  15. Issue contract guidance and templates to support modular development
  16. Reduce barriers to entry for small innovative technology companies
  17. Work with Congress to develop IT budget models that align with modular development
  18. Develop supporting materials and guidance for flexible IT budget models
  19. Work with Congress to scale flexible IT budget models more broadly
  20. Work with Congress to consolidate commodity IT spending under Agency CIO
  21. Reform and strengthen Investment Review Boards
  22. Redefine role of Agency CIOs and Federal CIO Counsel
  23. Rollout "TechStat" model at bureau-level
  24. Launch "myth-busters" education campaign
  25. Launch interactive platform for pre-RFP agency-industry collaboration

PLEASE NOTE: Implementation dates for each of these points differ.  Please read report and I will update here as well.