David Vladeck provides some highlights on the upcoming FTC Privacy Report Report

David Vladeck, Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

Mr. Vladeck shed some light on the upcoming FTC Privacy Report:

  1. Reduce burden on consumers by having privacy by design. Design systems and programs with privacy in mind.
  2. Simplify consumer choices, make them meaningful - short, precise notice when consumers provide data.
  3. Encourage competition on privacy - comparison with competitor's privacy policies.
  4. Strong protection for sensitive data - health, children information, geo-location data, and more.
  5. Consumer choice must be respected; privacy practices must be transparent. Need better privacy policies.
  6. Consumer Privacy Notices need to be more transparent and less cumbersome.   Access is an important ingredient as well. 
  7. Need to focus on consumer and business education.
  8. Do not track option can achieve the goal of simplifying consumer choice.

Mr. Vladeck stated that the privacy report poses questions and the FTC wants answers through comments.  Comments are due January 3, 2011.

Special thanks to @InfoLawGroup for tweeting the individual points Mr. Vladeck made as I missed some myself!