Gov 2.0 Expo

Starting today and lasting through Thursday, I will be at the Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington DC.

Make sure to check out the Booz Allen Hamilton booth at the Expo center to discuss Gov 2.0 privacy and security with myself and Karen Goertzel Wednesday and Thursday where my opinions will be those of my employer (ahem, full disclosure). 

Looking forward to some amazing presentations and would like to send thanks to Program Co-Chairs Laura Ruma and Dr. Mark Drapeau and others for the efforts organizing and setting up the first inaugural Gov 2.0 Expo.  For awesome pre-coverage and excitement building posts, check out Alex Howard.  If you're curious what Gov 2.0 Looks like, grab a crayon and follow the drawings of Mark Drapeau to help visualize what this is all about.

I will hopefully be live blogging a bit from the conference pending battery life of my laptop and I will posting on the PrivacyWonk twitter feed.