Gov 2.0 Expo: Live Blogging Keynote and Plenary Sessions

Tim Reilly: The movement needs heroes. 

Eggers journey to success: good idea, implementable design, political will, good implementation & evaluation of results

Big initiatives face doubts and cultural issues.  Gov 2.0 brings those doubts out to the surface, bubbles them up to the surface.

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Accepting the Mission for Greatness
Bill Eggers (Deloitte)

Apps for the Army Jeffrey A. Sorenso. (U.S. Army)

Sunlight Foundation Contest Winners Clay Johnson (Sunlight Labs)

15-second Case Studies in Open Government Data Daniel O'Neil (EveryBlock)

Crisis Communication 2.0: Real-time Civilian Protection Zubin Wadia (CiviGuard, Inc.)

Vote on the Web: Transparency and Civic Engagement in Brazilian Politics André Blas (WebCitizen)

Graffiti Tracker: Utilizing Data to Fight Crime Timoth. Kephart (Graffiti Tracker Inc.)

Opening the Courts - Using Technology to Empower the Unrepresented Kate Bladow (Pro Bono Net)

You've Been Scienced: Communicating Military Science and Technology with Social Media John Ohab (US Department of Defense, Public Web) Create short .gov URLs Michelle Chronister (U.S. General Services Administration)

Technology is a Prism Held Up to the Imagination: A Vision of Reality for Gov 2.0 Looking Forward Rita King (IBM Analytics Virtual Center)

Instituting a Culture of AWESOME in Government: The Case of the IED Task Force Tech Team Christopher Dufour (

If You Can't Control the Data, Consider the Message Elizabet. Losh (University of California, Irvine)

First Responder Communities of Practice Jose Vazquez (Department of Homeland Security)

LTG Jeff Sorenson, CIO/G-6 HQDA -- Apps for the Army
  • Tim O'Reilly came to DoD and presented the Apps for the Army idea at a high level.
  • 1980s Info Share
  • 1990s Cooperation and Coordination
  • 2010 Collaborative Info Environment
  • Working toward Common Network Integration Kits and Common Hardware with Integrated Apps
  • Standardize the environment -- standardize the OS environment and how software apps are developed in the future.
  • The people who know what is needed are the people at the far front (user end)
  • Apps for the Army -- cash incentive to develop.  Used DISA RACE environment to test apps.
  • Apps for the Army has 141 participants and 119 registered projects with 53 submitted apps from privates to majors to civilians
  • Awesome App Example  -- SHOK, detects extreme vehicle shock event and automatically takes pictures and sends reports with GPS and travel info
Clay Johnson, Director of Sunlight Labs -- Design for America: The Winners
  • Art focused technology themed activity -- 8 Categories
  • Best Redesign of a Government Website: redesigned and mashed up with state and federal info, displaying your total tax portfolio
  • Best use of Sunlight Data: Cool Kids at the Whitehouse
  • Best visualization of the senate floor procedures
  • Best visualization of how a bill becomes a law -- (aside: 35th Anniversary of School House Rock's Just a bill)
  • Best Redesign of a government form: Department of State Passport Form
  • Best Visualization of Community Health Data: Partnered with HHS and someone developed the County Sin Ranking
  • Best visualization of data
  • Winners will be posted at above URL shortly...
Sponsor thanks: Clay wrote an Article called "Adobe is bad for open government" and Adobe stepped up to partner and help the contest!

Dan O'Neil EveryBlock, Case Studies:
  • Local news down to the block level
  • Info mashed up block title transfers, building permits, etc
  • Ask for the data: it will come
  • Politics can ruin information
  • Data can get confusing
  • People make the data -- humans are behind it
  • Maintenance is tough
  • Dedicated databases work
  • Incremental improvement

Zubin Wadia (CiviGuard, Inc.), Emergency Communications 2.0
  • Social media services and communication channels arent big enough to get the message our in an emergency siutation
  • Huge sales and penetration of mobile devices
  • Location aware, contextual emergency informatio
André Blas (WebCitizen),

Timothy Kephart (Graffiti Tracker Inc.)

  • Look at Graffiti and analyze for intel
  • Role call/gang call outs. 
  • Track the data, you will find the taggers and gang members
  • Who associates with who, etc
  • Following a specific tagger, you can see their patterns when overlaid with a map.  You can remove the noise.
  • Go beyond the broken windows theory and get the intel to law enforcement
Kate Bladow (Pro Bono Net)
  • Provides legal assistance/information for those who do not know how or where to ask for information
  • Law Help Interactive
  • Pro Bono Net was asked to be a sponsor of Law Help Interactive
  • Helps people without legal representation fill out forms online through a guided interview process and automated document generation

John Ohab (US Department of Defense, Public Web), Armed with Science
  • Scientists have a image problem
  • Goals: Demystify military scientists and making science meaningful
  • Periodic Table of Social Media -- Awesome!  (must ask for this graphic)

Michelle Chronister (U.S. General Services Administration) Go.USA.Gov URL Shortener
  • Realizing the need to provide a secure and trustworthy .GOV URL shortening service for user confidence
  • Prevents malicious retweets, blog posts, etc by giving users a recognizable .gov URL ending instead of using a service like, 
  • URLS are permanent by design, users can always reach the service
  • Deployed in the Government Cloud and saves dollar
  • Only users with a Government e-mail address can register.
  • Provides permanent record of URLs
  • Future of -> Build an API to share the data

Rita King (IBM Analytics Virtual Center), Security researcher
  • Iceland volcano revealed the interconnectedness of the world in its travel disruptions
  • -- Inch land ownership ownership
  • Part-Virtual Part-Physical project of micro-ownership or land and society creation
Christopher Dufour ( -- Must Be Awesome
  • Gov 1.0 is lame
  • Gov 2.0 is awesome
  • Fosters a culture of innovation
  • IED Tech Team was to be rapidly deploy counter IED tech to the field
  • Joint IED Task Force: Kicking ass, holistically
  • The business of awesome is social.
  • Joint IED Task Force turned into JIEDDO -- "they get nothing done"
  • Be Social
  • Be Passionate
  • Empower your people
  • Find your Awesome
  • Don't be an asshole.

Elizabeth Losh (University of California, Irvine)
  • You don't want to win one of Elizabeth's Bafooley's awards, dubbed after Rep. Foley's IM exchanges that went public
  • Worry about hackers
  • Don't foster a cynical atmosphere with not using user generated content.  if you ask for a user's stories, use them somewhere
  • Don't take things out of the public domain
  • Don't copyright materials
  • Don't ive for the moment -- i.e., -- they are like orphan children
  • Don't drink the corporate cool-aid -- don't use providers that will violate privacy!!
  • This is the government, not a brand.

Jose Vazquez (Department of Homeland Security)